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Rural Residency

Are you willing to be part of God's work in rural places?


Residency at Brainerd is a great opportunity to learn, train, and put it all to practice. This full-immersion experience will help you evaluate if ministry in a rural place is a good fit. It will also be an excellent opportunity to receive feedback as you consider you aspiration for vocational ministry. Come experience life in rural Pennsylvania and gain exposure to a diversity of churches while studying, training, and practicing ministry!    

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Who is residency for?

Men discerning a call to pastoral ministry in rural places and agree with the Together for the Gospel Affirmations & Denials. This includes men of all ages and experiences.

How long does residency last?

Most residencies last for 9 months and include 1/3 evaluated study, 1/3 practical training, and 1/3 supervised ministry.

Do you provide housing?

Yes! Whether you are married or single, we provide housing. If you have children we will find housing on a case by case basis. 

Are residents paid?

In addition to housing, we provide a modest monthly stipend to help offset the cost of living. Residents are encouraged to raise additional support as needed.

Will I be hired after the residency?

We hope to connect our residents with a rural church seeking a pastor. We may also have church planting opportunities. There is no guarantee that a resident will be encouraged to pursue ministry or provided with job opportunities.

Will I get to preach?

Residents will be permitted to teach and may have opportunities to preach after attending a Charles Simeon Trust Workshop early in the residency. 

How do I apply?

“I have received my all from God; oh, that I could return my all to God! Surely God is worthy of my highest affection and most devout adoration; he is infinitely worthy, that I should make him my last end and live forever to him.”

— David Brainerd

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